You’ve reached the website of “Natuurpedagoog” a Dutch company that’s all about nature education in many different ways.

Throughout a variety of ways Natuurpedagoog offers kids and their parents the opportunity to get in touch with nature again. This is presented in an active and pleasant way which suits the kids language and experience.

Think of cool kidsbirthday partys, workshops indoors and outdoors for schools and after schoolprogramms. And overall lessons for elementary schools in and about nature.

About myself

I’m am Jael Nouhet (development pedagog – bachelor) and also educated as a official IVN Natureguide. Chosen to be the outdoorplay-champion of 2017!! By several official Dutch companies.

Nature is my metaphor in order to make people aware again about the importance of nature. I believe there is so much more to learn from. We forgot that we are nature ourselves and how important it is for us to have and live more outside. That’s why I reach out to several different ways in order to serve several different groups.

I spent my time showing many people in a week how great nature is with all these things I have to offer. How simple it can be with just some small things to have and know. Make your own tea of built a hut without a rope. Play with insects and see what they can built or why. Get peace and rest from just the natural surroundings or make art from it.

Natuurpedagoog Jael Nouhet 2017

Next to that I’m in several different groups for social development in Holland (both local as non-local) and in Europe.

  • Groen013 & Stadsbos (Tilburg local meetings about the improvement of the green needs and surroundings)
  • Platform Speelnatuur (Tilburg local meetings about green playgrounds and social gardens for elderly etc.)
  • Living Values Education (Point of contact for the south of Holland for this international education programm recognized by UNESCO and Unicef)
  • Member of the Europeean leaders of forest kindergardens


Check the Dutch page to see the media we’ve been reaching out to Media NL

If you have a question about the things we have to offer of anything else. Don’t hesitate to send an email with your comment to